Welcome to Live Love Learn!


Sharing a core belief that learning is innately fun, we use a holistic, interactive, and team-based approach to figure out how to help each student find his or her own joy in learning!
"Passionately and patiently helping kids learn to LOVE learning!"

Besides exceptionally compassionate  and qualified tutors, what makes Live Love Learn's holistic approach so unique?

  • Regular communication with anyone on the student's support team - parents, teachers, counselors, learning specialists, other tutors, etc.
  • Virtual coaching and tutoring sessions, particularly in terms of helping ease students into college
  • The ability for students to text tutors between sessions for quick homework help
  • Awareness of and access to the latest developments in the world of Assistive Technology
  • A commitment to cultivating interest in and understanding of material rather than just homework completion
  • A desire to bring learning to life with hands-on, interactive, and community-based activities
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Passionately and Patiently Helping Kids Learn to LOVE Learning!